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Competitive Analysis Template

Elements of a Thorough Competitive Analysis

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This competitive analysis template lists the major analysis sections business owners, lenders, investors and others include to competitively analyze any business venture.  You do not need to complete all 17 items above to determine the viability of any business venture. Your business plan model needs only to choose the best components below to complete your competitive analysis.

The important thing is to use this competitive analysis menu and take the time to do something, to prove to yourself, lenders, investors, your spouse, etc that you have done a good competitive analysis, making the overall plan more credible.

Include as many of the following items in your marketing plan or presentation as appropriate, and the credibility of the business plan with your audience will increase.

1. Company backgrounder (for each competitor)
2. Win Loss Summary Chart (for each competitor)
3. Industry Life Cycle Model
4. BCG Matrix
5. Porter's Competitive Five Forces Model
6. Performance Grid
7. Positioning Statement & Matrices
8. Competitive Scope and Differentiation
9. Competitive Feature Matrix Comparison Chart
10. SWOT Analysis
11. Market & Strategy Road maps
12. Internal Company Presentation of Findings
13. Executive Summary
14. Product Benefits Comparison Template
15. Added Value Matrix
16. External Presentation
17. Competitive Comparison Sales Tool

Plan your business and impress investors with Business Plan Software



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