Web Hosting Business Plan

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Free Small Business Plan Template: Web Hosting & Design

Executive Summary

This is a web hosting small business plan for a new firm located in a suburb of Philadelphia. The new business will provide web hosting, development and consulting services.  This technology firm will offer website development and design, website hosting, and web marketing consulting services.

The web hosting market is fragmented by client size and needs.  The smallest businesses often buy packaged solutions combining hosting with templates.  The major providers for this type of solution include large firms like Yahoo and GoDaddy.com.

For companies with more complex needs, there is a growing demand for consulting support.  The typical small or medium sized   firm’s management does not have the time or expertise to understand topics, such as, “How do we use content management systems?” 

Web Hosting & Design Business Plan Forecast

Web hosting business plan forecast

Most firms do not know how to implement SEO or PPC strategies.  Helping clients to execute such business strategies well is critical to the success of any website There are no web development companies that dominate this segment. The lack of any dominant competitor presents a huge market opportunity.

Business Plan Strategy

A major business opportunity exists to serve large and medium sized corporations.  We have developed methodologies enabling us to reduce development costs while maintaining a healthy profit margin.  This will position us to offer high-end Web development services to larger companies, saving them money.

This web hosting business plan will detail market growth, market demand, projected cash flows and profit margins for the next three years.

Business Plan Objectives

  1. Reach revenues of $200,000 per month within 1 year.
  2. Earn a net profit of 25% in the first year, 35% in the 2d year.
  3. Earn a 65% Gross margin within 1 year.

Keys to Success

  1. Offer web hosting services to small businesses at very competitive prices.
  2. Build recurring revenue streams from small business services (web hosting and marketing consulting).
  3. Establish partnerships with ISPs and computer services consulting firms to refer  business website projects to us in exchange for referral fees.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help small and medium businesses have superior, well-marketed websites at minimum cost.  We will provide them affordable with web hosting, development and web marketing services.  Because of our proprietary methodologies, we will do this at a healthy profit.

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